Undergraduate Courses

MCB 493: Special Topics Mol Cell Biol

Section Type Times Days Location Instructor
APL LAB 10:00 AM - 01:50 PM F 485C Burrill Hall Brown, C
Advanced Physiology Lab Prerequisites: MCB 252 and MCB 253. This is an advanced laboratory course to study fundamental physiology concepts including full body metabolism, endocrine signaling, and neural, muscular, and cardiovascular systems using hands-on experiments and computer simulations. Students will measure and analyze how diet and exercise impinge on the response elicited from these different systems using a calorimeter, analyzing blood glucose and hormone levels, testing for stress/anxiety, and measuring heart rate and muscle contraction. MCB 493 APL involves the use of live animal subjects. Substitutions for the activities involving animals will not be provided. This section may not be repeated. Consult an MCB advisor for grade replacement situations. This section of this course will count toward the 15 advanced credit hours of Advanced MCB Courses in the MCB undergraduate degree program and as an advanced MCB laboratory course. You may add your name to the online wait list at https://go.illinois.edu/mcb493apl_FA23_waitlist if the course is full.
EPI LEC 02:00 PM - 02:50 PM MWF 1057 Lincoln Hall Belmont, A
This course will cover the field of epigenetics that seeks to explain how long-lasting changes in cellular and organismal traits can occur through non-genetic, environmentally responsive mechanisms. The course will focus on the molecular mechanisms underlying epigenetic phenomenon but we will also cover applications to contemporary topics such as cancer, metabolism, aging, and tissue engineering. 3 undergraduate hours, 3 graduate hours.Prerequisite: Undergrads- MCB 252 or consent of instructor.One semester of biochemistry is recommended. This section of MCB 493 counts as advanced MCB course credit.
GDC LEC 11:00 AM - 12:20 PM TR TBA Ceman, S
Genetic Disorders and Counseling This course addresses key issues in human genetics at an advanced level and is designed for pre-health care professionals. The course covers basic principles of medical ethics, chromosomes, complex disorders like autism and Alzheimer’s disease, gene therapy and emerging technologies like CRISPR. Relevance to counseling individuals with these disorders will be discussed throughout the course. Relevant new published findings will also be discussed. This section of MCB 493 counts as advanced MCB course credit.
PBC LEC 09:30 AM - 10:50 AM TR 1000 Lincoln Hall Tajkhorshid, E
Physical and Biological Chemistry This course will cover the principles of thermodynamics and kinetics and their applications to biological macromolecules. Prereqs: CHEM 104 or 204, PHYS 102 or 212, MATH 231. This section of MCB 493 counts as advanced MCB course credit.
VIR LCD 02:00 PM - 03:20 PM TR 205 Gregory Hall Brooke, C
Viruses are everywhere. They are intimately involved in the lives of all major life forms on earth, and impose enormous public health and economic burdens upon human society. This course will focus on the common fundamental concepts that underlie and connect the replication, pathogenesis, and evolution of diverse virus families, rather than serve as a detail-focused survey of viruses. Group discussion of primary literature will be used to illustrate experimental approaches for exploring fundamental questions in virology. Prerequisites for this section of MCB 493 are MCB 250, 252, 300 and 354. This section of MCB 493 counts as advanced MCB course credit.
Description Discussion of current topics of interest within the broad domain of molecular and cellular biology; seminar or lecture format. Topics vary. May be repeated to a maximum of 12 hours. Prerequisite: Junior standing and consent of instructor.
Note See sections for details; only some are approved as ADV MCB (lecture) Courses or as an ADV MCB Lab.
APL: Advanced Physiology Lab FA & SP; the only section approved as ADV MCB Lab
CPP: Cancer Pathophysiology SP only; ADV MCB Course
EPI: Epigenetics FA only; ADV MCB Course
GDC: Genetic Disorders and Counseling FA only; ADV MCB Course
NMI: Neurobiology of Mental Illness SP only; ADV MCB Course
NOS: Neurobiology of Senses SP only; ADV MCB Course
PBC: Physical and Biological Chemistry FA only; ADV MCB Course
REM: Research Experience in Microbiology SP only; NOT an ADV MCB Lab, is ADV MCB Course
VIR: Virology FA only; ADV MCB Course
Credit Hours 1 to 4 hours
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